Essential Kid’s Party Supplies

A list of kid’s party supplies is a good place to start when planning any kid’s party. You should at this point have an idea of what the kid’s party should look like – whether you have a theme, or any dressing up clothes, costumes or props that the children may need.

kid's party suppliesAt this point, you will also hopefully have the invitation list planned, invites sent and RSVPs coming in. Numbers won’t be set in stone at this point but you should have a rough idea of numbers that will be able to make it to the party.

Budget for Kid’s Party Supplies

With all of the above information you should be able to budget for party supplies and it is at this point you will need to consider the following:

  • The party decorations to be used
  • Any outside entertainment
  • Any equipment needed for entertainment
  • The type of food – dependent upon their age
  • The games to be played and any prizes needed for those games

Don’t Forget the Kid’s Party Bags!

kid's party suppliesAfter a day of partying, children love to go home with a little surprise and some treats – however, if you make it too sugary the parents might not love it as much! Party bags don’t have to be elaborate, just a piece of cake, and a little fun gift. There are always things trending that children love, for example the snap on bracelets or something fun for their hair. The party bag is usually the best way to keep the children smiling right through to the end!